Watermelon party ideas - favors, decorations and food

Thinking of throwing a summer birthday party for yourself, a friend, relative, or a kid? I love watermelons - they quench thirst, and any watermelon party decorations are guaranteed to be refreshing . When you implement the watermelon party ideas, rest assured that you will have a tropical paradise in your backyard. Watermelon party favors and the food are also a factor in order to complete the theme of your celebrations. Watermelon party ideas to help get you started Watermelon party decorations Watermelon Theme Decorations - 35 Picnic Watermelon Tableware for 16. Large and Small Plates, Napkins, Red Gingham Tablecloth, Green Cutlery, and Party Cups. Decorated Party Supplies for Outdoor, Summer, Fruit, Barbecue Theme and More Tropical Hawaii Party Decorations Balloons, 75 Pack Balloon Garland Kit- Latex Balloons with Palm Leaves and Balloon Strip Set for Baby Shower Wedding Birthday Flamingo Luau Fruit Party Supplies Allenjoy 7x5ft Soft Fabric Watermelon Backdrop for Infan

Instant Pot Recipes - Buffalo Chicken Wings

I love me some buffalo wings!😃, but then, one never knows the ingredients or even the number of calories in there.  The electric pressure cooker (and the Instant Pot brand for some) makes it possible to whip up these delicacies without sweating much.  What I love the most when trying out instant pot recipes is the almost guarantee that my buffalo chicken wings, or any other dish for that matter, will not burn beyond recognition . ================>Find your Instant Pot accessories here I've made chicken buffalo wings in the oven before, and the sauce would burn and leave the wings black (not as appetizing like my buffalo chicken wings from the pressure cooker): Instant Pot Chicken wings - preparation You can save time by buying already trimmed wings - but all ready-made things tend to cost a bit more.  I save in the long term by learning to do things by myself, as much as it is possible. Trimming chicken wings is all about knowing where to cut (as shown in the p

Awesome powder room ideas

Powder rooms are as old as buildings themselves,  going as far back as the Victorian era. You may also know them as halfway baths .  Initially, powder rooms were just that, a space for allowing ladies to touch-up their makeup - but now they have become much more useful. For me, a powder room is a perfect way to maintain your home's privacy when having people over . Bathrooms are personal, so a powder room allows your passer-by visitor to take care of their business without opening up your private spaces to them. Before I get to the powder room ideas that I find captivating, let's go through some basics first. ======>Wanna shop for your powder room? Find everything here . What do you keep in a powder room? Best Choice Products Modern Contemporary Home Bathroom Floor Storage Organization Cabinet for Linens, Toiletries, Towels, Soap w/ 1 Bottom Shelf, 2 Adjusting Shelves, Versatile Door - Espresso Brown Powder rooms are simple to maintain.  They need a few essenti